Steve Cook - Steve is a Detective with a Police Department in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and has been a police officer for over 20 years, with six and a half years experience in a multi-agency drug task force.  Steve has completed assignments with the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team as well as participating on a FBI Violent Crime/Gang Task Force.  Steve is considered to be the foremost authority on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and is constantly called upon by print, radio and television media from all over the world to give expert opinion and commentary on issues relating to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their associates. Steve has worked numerous intelligence operations all over the United States involving Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and was the case agent and secondary undercover in an attempted infiltration of a Bandidos support club. During that operation Steve acted as a webmaster for a club consisting of undercover officers and had the opportunity to act in an undercover capacity with members of several different outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Westside Chicago Outlaws. As a gang investigator Steve was the case agent on the most successful prosecution ever of the El Forastero and Galloping Goose Motorcycle Gangs causing the El Forastero charter in Kansas City, MO. to close after being there since 1965. Steve has also been featured in the History Channel�s Gang Land programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and Galloping Goose, on Biographies �Gangsters Americas Most Evil� twice, History channels �Americas Book of Secrets� and Biographies �Gangworld One Percenters�.


Pat Fielding - Pat is a retired Detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and has over 23 years of law enforcement experience. Pat has been assigned to numerous narcotics, gang, and criminal intelligence units, as well as several HIDTA groups, including a FBI Major Drug Trafficking Organizations Task Force, DEA Methamphetimine Task Force, Club Drug Task Force and an ICE Money Laundering Task Force. Pat has worked both undercover and as an investigator for 20 years investigating narcotics organizations, outlaw biker and street gangs, money laundering, arms and explosives dealers, auto-theft and stolen property rings, murder for hires, political corruption and conducted storefront operations. During his undercover career Pat and his partner infiltrated a Hells Angels farm club and rose to the rank of chapter officer during the operation.


Edward �Fingers� Jauch - �Fingers� has been involved in motorcycling from an early age. At age 17 he obtained his first of many Harley Davidson Motorcycles and immersed himself into the biker lifestyle. In 1988 �Fingers� began his Law Enforcement career while working for the Illinois Department of Corrections at the maximum security Pontiac Correctional Center. In 1990 �Fingers� became a Police Officer working patrol duties in a southwest Chicago suburban Police Department. In 1996 �Fingers� was assigned as an Investigator for his department working crimes against persons as well as well as drug related crimes. In 2001 �Fingers� went undercover with the FBI in a biker operation attempting to infiltrate the Joliet Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Gang. In the 18 months working the biker case it was then that �Jauch� earned his club name �Fingers�. �Fingers� since has worked primarily undercover earning numerous awards from the Illinois State Police, the FBI and his own department. �Fingers� has served as Deputy Commander for a drug task force and currently is the Commander for the LaSalle County Illinois States Attorneys Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) Unit. �Fingers� has been seen in and consulted for the History Channel Gangland series as well as other T.V. documentaries.